Protos helps businesses accomplish their objectives faster. The company’s Enterprise Solutions, Mobility Solutions and Business Process Technologies enable customers to improve operational efficiency, optimise processes for better decisions, and modernise their systems rapidly. Building on a decade of customer-centric software development, Protos caters to nearly a dozen industries, leveraging on its technological capabilities.

As an upcoming Software Company in India, Protos steps into a new territory, pressing forward with a challenging vision- to become one of the top software companies in India that help businesses and organizations transform, and flourish in a constantly changing environment.
Protos Difference

Here is why you need Protos to take care of your IT needs.

  • Strategic planning to make concerted efforts in streamlining business processes to be uncomplicated to do business with.
  • A strong resource base that delivers reliable, robust software and IT solutions on time every time, and within budget.
  • Remarkable focus on price for performance, and approval-based governance
  • Alignment toward iterative development and prototyping, agile delivery, process-based governance and value to the organization.
  • A proficient IT team that is well equipped to provide industrialised and standardised offerings to meet the demands of a shifting business landscape.
  • Undivided attention to your needs and business requirements
  • Special emphasis on cost containment and innovation to produce first-rate software and web solutions that exceed expectations
  • Thorough understanding of different verticals, gained through multiple engagements with giants from various industries.
  • A wide repertoire of technology skills, including PHP,Java, ASP.NET,iPhone, Android Application, Standalone Application
  • Specialised focus on niche technological areas such as Cloud, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • A strong ecosystem of diverse partners that allow customers to enjoy reduced IT spending thru
    • Offshore delivery optimization offering typical economies of scale
    • Information management and consumption technology to address software capability gaps and inefficiencies
    • Engagement models that address demands of our customer’s changing markets.
    • Leveraging cutting edge technologies and infrastructure to improve process efficiency.

Over the years, Protos has always focused on setting the bar higher and higher, delivering world-class IT solutions, service and support and building long-term strategic relationships with customers based on commitment and trust. Our teams collaborate with customers, thus enabling them to respond swiftly to new opportunities and threats with sheer enthusiasm and passion.  

At Protos, we cover the entire landscape, and hence we are generally solution-neutral. We are totally committed to delivering whatever is right for your business needs rather than ours.