A constantly changing business environment means high complexities. Traditional engagement models are too rigid for today’s IT landscape, and offer no value to businesses.

At Protos, we totally believe in having a set of customized and flexible engagement models with project execution is guaranteed and business value is maximized.

Engagement Models


A lot of deliberation is required when settling on an engagement model that best suits the requirements of your organisation. At Protos, we take extra care to build long term relationships with our customers, and realize that your business decision regarding engaging with an IT service provider might change. We offer a combination of different engagement models to suite different phases of a typical project lifecycle.

With this in mind, we offer great flexibility in both our engagement models and software development framework to help meet your unique business requirements, thus establishing a long term relationship with you.

Protos Technologies supports all the standard engagement models as followed by some of the leading IT service and solution providers globally.

  • Time and Material Model

Projects that exhibit a great extent of variability in scope are quite difficult to estimate, hence it is advisable to engage with a Time and Material model. On all those instances when requirements and the project implementation methodologies are difficult to define, the Time and Material model is the right option. This model is based on the cost incurred by the resource that is utilized over a particular duration in time, and allows our resources to work hand in hand with our customers all the way through the execution of the project. At Protos, we have put in place a very robust project management and reporting framework with which it is easy to generate task sheets as required.

  • Fixed Price Model

As the name indicates, the price remains fixed for the services specified within the agreement. One of our easiest engagement models, the fixed price model allows businesses to insulate itself against unexpected increases in cost, occurring during the course of a software development project.

At Protos, we have always wanted to set our fixed price model as one offering a low risk profile to our customers. We recommend engaging with a fixed price model if the scope and requirements of the project are well documented. The customer agrees to pay an agreed fixed price rate for the project which is linked to deliverables that are well-defined. And, for any change in scope of the project that ensues, a predefined fixed hourly price agreed right at the time of sign-off is paid. And for any change request as such, we have put in place a standardised change request procedure.

As a model that guarantees on-time as well as on-budget software delivery, it lays out the cost and timeline clearly and links certain deliverables to it.

  • Dedicated Development Team Model

At Protos, we also have a dedicated development team in place that businesses can make use of by paying a nominal charge that depends on the composition and size of the team. Using such a model puts our customers at an advantageous position, wherein they enjoy great flexibility to mix and match team size and composition to tackle project workloads.

We offer skilled, knowledgeable consultants and coders, who are full of beans, and eager to be a part of our client’s IT team. All of our consultants are fully equipped with latest technologies in all areas of software development, and bring a consultative approach to provide cutting-edge solutions to your business problems.

  • Hybrid Model

In a typical IT software development environment, it is normal to undertake a fixed price model and, then, deploy time and material model if the project involves evolving specifications, undocumented business requirements and emerging technologies. This model offers the best degree of flexibility when it comes to making modifications to predefined scope. Not only does this model bring together the important benefits of the two models, but also enables customers to stretch their budget without having to compromise on any existing aspects of the project itself.

  • Offshore Development Centre Model

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model by Protos is certainly going to grow in popularity, thanks to the great degree of flexibility that it offers to organizations looking to control resources and facility. Of all the models, the ODC model by Protos provides clients a superior control over quality, performance and cost, in addition to having several other favourable aspects such as easy project management, effectiveness and security.

Protos, over time, has mastered the art of software delivery and built a world-class project delivery framework that combines the advantage of time zone, a great array of domain insights, and the experience of project delivery teams to offer competitive edge to businesses. We follow the guidelines, processes and standards for all deliveries and services as stipulated by the client organization.

In this particular model, Protos assigns a team of experts, including account manager, project manager, development team and support team to get involved in a particular software development project. At Protos, we believe it is just the right option for customers, mainly because of the high degree of measurability, flexibility and transparency that it provides. A dedicated offshore team not only means better project focus but also lower operational costs.

  • Onsite Consulting

We send our consultants onsite to work on client premises to take care of initiation and execution of the project. Experience in various virtues of IT project management, our consultants can handle a lot of tasks and deliver great results as per client requirements. Having spent a number of years in the IT industry, our consultants accumulated various skill sets, which include handling teams offshore, deployment of applications, testing, documentation and presentation.

We expect our customers to bear the expenses for VISA, and the logistics involved, however, it looks manageable in comparison to the cost advantage that we are able to offer through our offshore development fee.

Protos customers as well partners benefit from different choices (engagement models) that are provided to them, and are able to select one that suits their project and business requirements. Protos engagement models demonstrate its commitment towards project implementation right from the phase of planning to delivery.

Choose the right Engagement Model for your Business

Our engagement models are built around offering specific benefits and features. So, which model best suits your business? You can engage with us in one or more models. Talk to us today to know which engagement model would best suit you.