Protos is an IT software and services company with a breadth of expertise and knowledge in a wide array of areas including web application, mobility solutions and digital marketing. Protos is fast establishing itself as one among the top outsourcing service providers in the Indian market and overseas, with over 6+ years of multi-year IT management contracts under its belt.

Protos employs over 50 people, including experienced IT professionals who design, deploy and manage tools, technologies and platforms to meet the requirements of businesses across different sectors. In order to achieve this, Protos associates itself only with leading technological vendors and dependable partners, and meets industry standards set forth for software quality and IT service management.


We are Results Driven IT Experts

We are IT experts with a difference. We do not focus so hard on technology to lose focus of its business outcomes. At Protos, everyone is determined to cultivating a high performance culture that is results-driven, which is why we are capable of keeping up with the pace and dynamic nature of the projects we take on. We are completely focussed on adding value at every level of our customer’s business with a proven model of software development and a path-breaking approach to IT services. The company’s exceptional vision drives its employees to deliver satisfactory results and helps them recalibrate their focus on achieving outcomes that take our customers businesses forward.

We Help Organizations Achiever Their IT Objectives Faster

The company’s software development practices, integration and business process technologies help customers to improve operational efficiency, develop their existing systems, and optimize their business processes for enhanced service and smarter decisions. Building on more than 10 years of exceptional service and software delivery, Protos is regarded as a company that is well placed to take on challenging projects and delivering satisfactory results.

Capability over Size

We have convinced our customers that it is not about size anymore. It is all about capabilities. Sadly, many businesses have learnt it the hard way.

Protos is not in the league of the biggest IT companies in India. Our approach to this game is different, and we want to focus particularly on select industries, and gain mastery in that. We believe this approach will enable us to deliver the right solutions to meet the needs of our customers. With Protos, you get a dependable IT partner that has all it takes to provide the right technology, support, maintenance, and insights into how to push your business forward, technology-wise.

Robust Outsourcing IT Services

At Protos, we have put in place a very robust model for outsourcing, which has helped us earn a stellar reputation in the market. Outsourcing services is pretty much ingrained in our business model. We strive to deliver value-aligned outcomes for our customers, and establish a robust framework for consistent and successful engagement between the IT and the business, in addition to a scalable model, which can be adjusted per business requirements.

Our Quality is What We Are

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement comes from the belief that quality is a necessity not an accomplishment. Quality assurance is an integral part of our IT delivery ecosystem, and we have put necessary protocols in place to make sure that our processes are in line with the quality standards of the market. We appreciate the significance of quality issues and the business risks associated with it, and leave no stone unturned to make sure the quality of our software, IT solutions and other services do not reduce the business performance of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction is our Motto

At Protos, we believe in establishing a quality framework through which everything we create stands up to be measured against the business objectives of our customers. Our alignment towards customers is beyond compare.

Wherever our customers are on their business journey, we will make sure we meet them there- with domain expertise, unparalleled professionalism, and a conviction that we can always serve them better.