Protos Software technologies believes that business success is not an end in itself; rather it is a means to achieve higher socio-economic goals. The Company is committed to its employees  to conduct its business in a responsible manner. The Company embraces responsibility for impact of its operations and actions on all management and it employees including society and community at large. Management’s commitment, work ethics and business processes at Company encourages all its employees and other participants to ensure a positive impact and its commitment towards corporate social responsibility. Through its various Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives, Protos software technologies is enabling entire communities to ‘Stand’ with a vision of transforming the lives of youth from socially weaker and economically disadvantaged sections of society.


CSR through Philanthropic arms

In our endeavour to make a positive contribution towards the lesser privileged communities, we have an organised structure in the form of  philanthropic arms – “Child Education And Vision Foundation” Charitable Trust established in the year 2012 to support an array of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives. The main objective is to contribute in a way which is lasting, is sustainable and scalable. Our initiative has gained momentum in the last few years. Clarity, accountability and consistency are the cornerstones of our effort. It is of utmost importance that we reach out to such situations where we can really make the difference. The Foundation identifies and works alongside several NGOs to work on a number of outreach programs in various fields such as education, health and disaster relief.

Partnering with NGO’s

Education has been a primary focus area of our CSR activities. This includes building of classroom blocks, providing classroom furniture / stationery and payment of fees / providing transport / funding Balwadis. We have partnered with various NGOs such as, The Akanksha Foundation  in various ways to achieve our goal of promoting education.

Enterprenuership Development

As an extension of our focus on education, we believe that development of entrepreneurship is very important part of the long term goal of nation building. In our endeavour to support the objective of development of entrepreneurship, Protos Software Technologies , together with a few like minded entities, supports the initiative.

Support to various Organisations

As part of the healthcare initiatives, a number of focussed initiatives have been implemented. We have supported organizations such as Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled, Research Society for the Care, Treatment & Training of Children, Prime minister relief fund, Akshay Patra Foundation, Tata Medical Centre, Tata Memorial Hospital etc. to further our health care initiatives. Protos Software Technologies  through its Foundation has, on a continuous basis, endeavoured to provide aid and relief to victims affected by various natural catastrophes. Recently, when South India was cyclone hit, aid in the form of shelter intervention was given to rehabilitate victims, through Habitat for Humanity.


Protos Software technologies through its foundation “Child Education and Vision Foundation” Takes participation in annual Mumbai marathon  Participated by our colleagues and clients by both participation in the Marathon as well as charity contributions. The donations received are used for charitable purposes.